Suitsupply Privacy Statement


The enclosed privacy statement regarding Suitsupply applicants applies to all entities of Suitsupply (“the Company”) and is maintained by the Suitsupply parent company located at the Company’s head office Netherlands, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 210, 1096 AS Amsterdam. This privacy statement does not address customers, suppliers and other business partners or employees.

This privacy statement can change from time to time and the most current statement is regularly published on the Suitsupply website. If Suitsupply processes major changes to this policy the applicant will be kept informed by a notification on our website.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform individuals on how the Company securely collects and processes data so that privacy is maintained. Suitsupply respects and protects your privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws. Further explanation is given here within on what kinds of personal data Suitsupply processes, the purpose of processing and how the Company may share personal data with third parties.

What data is being collected?

Suitsupply may process the below personal data for the purposes as described in this policy:

-          Name

-          Address

-          Email address

-          Phone number

-          Data of birth / age

-          Gender

-          Linkedin information

-          Photo

-          Current company

-          Current job title

-          Phone numbers

-          Current and desired salary

-          Education history

-          Employment

-          Education

-          Social media

-          Reference check

-          Scorecards and interviews

-          Offer data

-          Rejection reasons

-          Rejection notes

-          Prospect pool (consent)

-          Recruitment details (activity notes)

This list is not exhaustive and Suitsupply may collect and process personal data that is useful for its services. Not all data above is collected and processed for every applicant. Often the data is limited to only several of the above. Which data is collected depends on the purpose of the processing.

The Company does not collect or process sensitive data such as ethnic and racial origins, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union memberships, physical or mental health conditions, genetic or biometric conditions or sexual preferences. Suitsupply may collect a photo of the applicant if the applicant has provided this to Suitsupply. Suitsupply is aware of the sensitivity and impact on privacy and has taken appropriate measures to handle your personal data carefully.

What is the source of an applicant’s data at Suitsupply?

4.1 Personal data directly collected from applicant.

Suitsupply collects and processes personal data sourced directly from the applicant. Applicants must make the choice to provide data of this nature to Suitsupply. For example, a Curriculum Vitae to analyze if the applicant is suitable for a function within Suitsupply. Personal data may be accessed by departments such as Human Resources and Legal, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill necessary tasks.

4.2 Personal data not obtained directly from applicant.

Beside the above, Suitsupply may collect personal data from you, obtained via third parties as part of the service we provide to you or in connection with legal requirements that are applicable to us. For example, assessment data or a reference check. 

How does Suitsupply uses data?

Suitsupply will process data that is based on a legitimate interest and based on consent with applicants. In the recruiting process Suitsupply may process data with relevant internal departments in order to assess if the applicants profile is suitable for a function within Suitsupply. Suitsupply will not share data with third parties unless this is required for scheduling an applicant for an interview via MyAlly, Greenhouse and with Travel agencies. If you have to travel as part of the recruitment process, we may share your information, such as your name, contact details and passport number, with travel agencies for making travel arrangements. When Suitsupply processes data based on these legal grounds, the employee has the right to object, restrict, erase, access or use data portability.

Why does Suitsupply process an applicant’s personal data?

Suitsupply shall process applicant’s data for recruitment related activities such as, setting up and conducting interviews, test assignments and cases, evaluating and assessing the results, reference and background checks, offer creation and building up talent pools.

Suitsupply may process your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Recruitment related activities


Suitsupply uses data of an applicant to analyze if the applicant fits the vacancy he or she applied for.

Data we may process is name, address, email address, telephone number, education history, photo. Suitsupply only processes this data if the applicant has provided this information.


  1. Setting up and conducting interviews and tests;


Suitsupply uses data of an applicant to set-up and conduct interviews and test for the job he or she applied for.

Data Suitsupply may process is name, address, email address and telephone number. Suitsupply only processes this data if the applicant has provided this information.


  1. Evaluating and assessing the results;


Suitsupply uses data of an applicant to evaluate if the applicant fits the vacancy he or she applied for.

Data Suitsupply may process is name, address, email address, test results, assessments and score cards. Suitsupply has the legal ground of a legitimate interest to evaluate and assess these results.


To whom does Suitsupply provide an employee’s personal data?

Suitsupply is a global organization and may provide applicant data to other Suitsupply stores and offices, as this is necessary for the service Suitsupply offers. This data is processed for administrative purposes only.

Suitsupply may work with third parties that also can access applicant data. These third parties only process this data upon the Company’s instruction. A list of third parties that may process data on our behalf include, but is not limited to:



Travel agencies




Suitsupply may also provide data to companies outside of the European Economic Area. If Suitsupply provides data to a country that does not ensure an adequate level of protection (as outlined by the General Data Protection Regulation), Suitsupply will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place, such as standard contractual clauses from the European Commission or the US Privacy Shield.

How long will Suitsupply store applicant data?

Suitsupply shall not store data longer than necessary for the purposes as described. If an applicant is hired by Suitsupply the data will become a part of the employee file. If the applicant is rejected for the function Suitsupply may ask consent to store data for one year to match your profile with future vacancies at Suitsupply otherwise data will be deleted one month after the last communication. If an applicant would like to withdraw consent please send an email to .

What are the applicant’s rights?

The applicant has the ability to request access, restriction, portability, erasure or rectification of this data at any time by sending an email to Please specify your request.

If the applicant would like to file a complaint, the Company asks that the employee sends an email to Please note that you can file a complaint at the Dutch Authority.

The applicant has the following rights:

-       Right to access the personal data Suitsupply holds at any time.

-       Right to ask Suitsupply to correct his or her personal data that is incorrect and to complete incomplete information Suitsupply holds about he or she.

-       Right to be forgotten and to object and ask Suitsupply to delete personal data if Suitsupply has no legal or regulatory obligation to keep this data.

-       Right to restrict personal data.

-       Right to ask Suitsupply to provide the employee with a copy of his/her personal data that Suitsupply holds.

-       Right to file a complaint with Suitsupply or with the Supervisory Authority

Suitsupply shall communicate rectification or erasure of applicant’s data with third parties unless it proves impossible or involve disproportionate effort. Suitsupply shall inform the applicant of the third parties should this matter occur.

When the applicant exercises a request please elaborate on the personal data Suitsupply may process about you by giving Suitsupply more background of the personal data. For restriction specify the request to a specific department, process, team, incident or service. Try to include timeframes, names, dates, type of processing and documents to enable Suitsupply to process the request as soon as possible. Suitsupply will respond to the request within one month of receipt.

How shall Suitsupply protect the applicant’s personal data?

Suitsupply has taken appropriate and reasonable organizational and technical security measures in order to ensure the safety of applicant’s personal data in its systems.Suitsupply shall not process data to third parties unless the Company has a legal ground to do so.

Additionally, employees at Suitsupply are trained to ensure they handle all personal data with care and strict confidentiality.  For staff, personnel access rights have been specified to serve the applicable legitimate purposes required for the individual to perform his or her duties.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement contact: